UX Researcher
Dataport AöR, Hamburg
Feb 22 - ongoing
User Researcher / UX Designer
Immowelt GmbH, Axel Springer SE | 
Feb 16 - Jan 22
Online Editor 
Immowelt GmbH, Axel Springer SE | 
May 15 - Jan 16
Senior Crossmedia Manager
Immonet GmbH, Axel Springer SE |
Feb 12 - Apr 15
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Fernuniversität Hagen, not graduated
Oct 11 - Sept 14
Communication Management
University of applied sciences Osnabrück,
Diplom Kommunikationswirtin
Sept 03 - Feb 07
Media Design (Digital and Printed Media) (IHK)
Vocational School for Media and Printing Technology, Neumünster
Sept 1999 - Jun 02


In my role as a User Researcher, I have been part of great also international agile teams working mainly according to SCRUM and KANBAN the past years.

Design Thinking driving the product development process, leading to an iterative, collaborative and user-centred approach to problem solving. [Design Thinking: Empathize → Define → Ideate → Prototype → Test] 
To me Product Development is a continuous learning process, ideally in a multidisciplinary team.

My job as a User Researcher is to inform and / or evaluate decisions throughout the product design and development process by identifying the most effective methods to find out, what we need to know. 

also includes the planning and execution of research measures, the analysis of data obtained and the presentation of findings and recommendations for action derived from the synthesis to stakeholders.


I choose the appropriate methods based on the research questions I define together with the team and stakeholders and define my approach depending on available resources (time / budget). 

Secondary Research / Meta Analysis | IDIs (In Depth Interviews) | Contextual Inquiries | Diary Studies | Focus Groups | Workshops (Co-Creation, Value Proposition, Design Sprint) | Analytics | Benchmarking | Customer Journey Maps | Personas

Wireframes | Prototyping | Information Architecture (Card Sorting / Tree Testing)

Usability Tests | Surveys | Fakedoor Tests | Screen Recordings | Heatmaps | Expert Reviews |Onsite User Feedback | Guerrilla Testing | User Sentiment Analysis


Adobe CC | Figma | Miro | Hotjar | Airtable | OBS | Jira | MS Office


• High engagement and motivation
• Analytical and strategic thinking 
Organisational skills + efficiency
Communication + Presentation skills

(I might tell you about my weaknesses when we meet. 😇)

Here's what people say I worked with:

Inga is characterized by a comprehensive understanding of the product. She has the courage to ask critical questions and is tenacious in her efforts to ensure that research findings are incorporated into product development.

Especially during testing, it becomes clear how much Inga enjoys interacting with people. With her personal way, she guides the test persons confidently through every situation, can react spontaneously to every difficulty, is very competent and hasn't forgotten the humour in her work.

- Svenja Klostermann, PO at immowelt